Message from Dr. Nizar N. Ramzan – Chairman, AKHB for USA 2005-2012

With the rising incidence of obesity in western countries, specifically in the United States, more and more cases of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancers are diagnosed. This suggests a correlation between excessive weight gain and life-threatening illnesses. These diseases also have a direct impact on the quality of life, longevity and the economic status of the affected individuals and families. The choices we make about the type of food we buy, the ingredients used, the cooking method, the amount eaten and the frequency of eating throughout the day, plays a role in affecting weight gain or loss.

It is difficult for many individuals to make a drastic change in the way they eat. If remaining healthy is a personal and family goal, then eating smartly is the way to achieve it. Eating smart means cooking right and eating in moderation.

This eBook is a collection of recipes that offers South East Asian, Middle Eastern and Central Asian ethnic food items, which many have enjoyed over decades and centuries. Expert culinarians, dietitians, public health experts and photographers have come together and volunteered their time and effort to ensure that the wonderful taste of our heritage is preserved and the nutritional quality is consistent with what contemporary medical science recommends for maintenance of good health.

Most cultures view desserts as the most enjoyable portion of the meal. Physiologically, in most cases, by the time we finish the main course, we have already met the caloric needs of our bodies. All extra calories, especially carbohydrates, which are primarily what desserts are made of, will accumulate in the body as fat. If the desire is to enjoy a dessert and not gain weight, our best option is for the dessert to be lower in calories, smaller in portion and delicious at the same time. Of course, this eBook makes it easier.

AKHB’s Spring 2012 Recipe Collection of eBooks is a tool, amongst many, which allows access to digitized information with ease. The eBook technology allows for individual recipes to be downloaded to smart phones and tablets, shared, emailed, and printed if preferred. Whether it is a family, a professional or a college student, this collection provides quick, easy and delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy.

We wish you good health and Bon Appétit!

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