World Mental Health Day #LetsTalkAboutIt

October 10, 2023 is designated as the World Mental Health Day by the World Health Organization. Today, the Health Board urges our Jamat to recognize the significance of mental health and placing it on equal footing with physical well-being. The theme chosen for this year for the World Mental Health Day speaks for itself – “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right”!

Conditions like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are common mental illnesses that affect individuals worldwide, including the members of our Jamat. Sadly, the stigma still prevents many of us from openly discussing our mental health concerns. Having conversations about mental health is crucial; it normalizes discussions, raises awareness, and empowers individuals to seek help.

Mental health matters- for everyone. Let’s take the first step by actively engaging and advocating for mental health screenings during our routine annual physical exam. We invite you to join us in an upcoming webinar with a panel of mental health experts on Wednesday, October 25.  Register here. For additional mental health resources, please visit the mental health section of this website or contact ACCESS for mental health support and crisis management.

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Mental heath matters – for every individual, every family and the entire jamat. Join AKHB for an informative webinar The ABCs of Mental Health Therapy: Navigating Options to learn from our panel of experts how therapy can improve your mental health and get your questions answered.

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