Kadhi (Yogurt)

Kadhi Yogurt
Yields8 Servings
Prep Time10 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time30 mins
 1 tsp Canola Oil
 ½ tbsp Mustard Seeds
 ½ tsp Methi Seeds
 A few Kari Patta
 2 cups Non-Fat Yogurt
 2 tbsp Besan Atta (Gram Flour)
 ¼ tsp Turmeric Powder
 ½ tsp Salt
 ½ tsp Garlic Paste
 1 tsp Green Chili Paste
 2 cups Water, Tap

Mix yogurt, gram flour, turmeric powder, salt, garlic, chili paste, and water with a whip or a beater.


Heat the oil and add the mustard seeds, methi seeds, and kari patta.


Add the yogurt mixture and stir constantly over medium heat until the mixture comes to a boil. Do not overboil the mixture.


Pour the kadhi in a bowl and enjoy!

Chef's Tip:

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1/2 cup (122g)

Servings 8

Amount Per Serving
Calories 40Calories from Fat 5
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 0.5g1%
Saturated Fat 0.1g1%
Trans Fat 0g
Sodium 190mg8%
Potassium 25mg1%
Total Carbohydrate 5g2%
Dietary Fiber 0.3g2%
Sugars 4g
Protein 3g6%

Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 6%
Iron 0%
Vitamin D 0%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.