Cook with a dash of flavor and a pinch of health!

Fish and Baked Potato KebabsIf you add the pinch of salt in step #5, the sodium content would increase to approximately 160 - 240mg per serving.
Guvar Aloo SalanThis recipe may be a good side dish. To reduce the sodium content further, skip the optional salt or use a lesser amount.
Spicy Moong BurritoTo decrease the sodium content further, compare and choose a tortilla and/or cheese, respectively, with lower sodium content. You may also wish to choose corn tortillas which will have lower sodium content.
No-Meat Coconut Kadhi KhauseyThis is an excellent recipe for a vegetarian option. You can make the stir fry noodle with a vegetable of your choice and drizzle some coconut curry on the top
Three Bean Curry1. If using canned beans, drain the water from the can and rinse the beans thoroughly to remove the excess salt